Fiber Cement Siding Is the Superior Siding Option for Homeowners in the Northern Virginia Area

When it’s time to replace the siding on your home, what material should you choose? There is no shortage of options for Northern Virginia customers, but there is only one choice if you want to fortify your home with the best – fiber cement siding. Whether your current siding is warped, peeling, dented, deteriorating, difficult to maintain, lacking in thermal efficiency, or simply unappealing, having new fiber cement siding installed will make all of these problems a distant memory.

Fiber Cement Siding vs. Vinyl Siding

Why is fiber cement siding a better choice over ever-popular vinyl siding? To start, vinyl siding has its limitations and cannot offer the lasting beauty and performance as fiber cement siding. For example, vinyl siding will:

  • Deteriorate, become brittle, and/or warp after years of exposure to the elements, while fiber cement siding is built to last and look like new for a lifetime
  • Succumb to damage by windblown debris or hail, while fiber cement siding is up to five times stronger than most forms of vinyl siding and is impact resistant
  • Be vulnerable to fire, while fiber cement siding is noncombustible

Nation’s Choice Should be Your Choice for Fiber Cement Siding

At Nation’s Choice Windows, we are proud to offer fiber cement siding to homeowners in Alexandria, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. We install James Hardie fiber cement siding, which is the pinnacle of perfection. It is:

  • Engineered to perform in any climate and resistant to damage from all forces of Mother Nature, including rain, snow, sleet, and even hurricane-force winds, as well as expansion and contraction during severe temperature fluctuations
  • Class A fire rated
  • Fade resistant and easy to clean year after year
  • Impervious to infiltration from pests, such as woodpeckers, squirrels, termites, and ants
  • Available in many distinct variations to satisfy virtually any specific aesthetic requirements

By making the right choice to partner with Nation’s Choice, you can count on your new siding to be installed by factory-trained and experienced technicians to ensure that you reap the maximum performance benefits year after year. We can also install James Hardie trim around your openings and borders to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your new fiber cement siding.

For more information on why fiber cement siding should be your choice for new home siding and why Nation’s Choice Windows should be your siding contractor of choice, contact us today. We are proud to have served over 13,000 happy customers throughout the Northern Virginia area thus far, and we would like to add you to our list.